Laser Cutters

The Aero Maker Space has three laser cutters, the Glowforge Plus and OMTech Laser.  These machines are perfect for cutting and engraving into wood or acrylic.  They can also engrave glass, and with our rotary adapter, the OMTech Laser can engrave curved glass faces with the rotary attachment.

Safe Operation:

  • All ventilation systems must be on and open
  • Lid must be closed and laser carriage’s motion is uninhibited
  • Always watch jobs to completions. Use sunglasses to while observing the job, especially when engraving glass. Watch for any flame or excess smoke
  • Know what you are cutting – do not cut materials that contain chlorine (never cut PVC, vinyl, polycarbonate, etc)
  • Read the S.O.P

Supported Materials:

  • Plywood
  • Balsa
  • Acrylic
  • Glass

Unsupported Materials:

  • Vinyl
  • PVC
  • Polycarbonate

Glowforge Plus

  • Bed Size: 12″ x 20.4″
  • 45W laser

OMTech Laser

  • Bed Size: 35″ x 51″
  • Dual 100W lasers