Design to fly.

The Aero Maker Space is a prototyping and machining space where individuals from the entire Georgia Tech community are welcome. The space is perfect for developing personal projects, learning about machining tools, or pushing your groundbreaking research forward.

Our COVID-19 Safety Procedures

  1. We are going to be open a bit differently in Spring ’21. Walk-ins allowed this semester, given there is space. All users are expected to  sign up for a timeslot. You can do that as you walk in. If you want to work with someone else, they will need to sign up as well, but you can work together in the same zone if you want.  

  2. All 3D prints (both general and professional) must be submitted online. See the button below for the form.

  3. All users and mentors must wear face coverings at all times. Safety glasses will be available to users when they arrive in the space, and we reccommend you always wear them. Users will have the ability to ‘check out’ a pair of glasses for the semester.

  4. Our mentors will be constantly cleaning and sanitizing the space, however, users are still responsible for cleaning up their zone at the end of their timeslot.

  5. We will not be holding public training sessions this semester, but check back to our ‘Get Trained’ tab for training videos and manuals coming soon.

  6. For any questions, please contact our President, Sarah Demsky:

* Note: Professional 3D prints are generally reserved for research projects. Our mentors have the ability to move a print from the professional queue to the general queue as they see fit. If you submit a professional print and it is not approved you will receive an email.

Virtual Forum

For Spring ’21 we will continue to have the virtual forum.

Users will be able to drop in anytime to our BlueJeans call and speak with the mentors on shift, who will be happy to answer any questions you have. Use this when you have a quick computer question, are confused about manufacturing a part, or anything else.  


Hours are the normal AMS opening hours.


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