Timeslot Sign Ups

Sign up here for a timeslot to use the Aero Maker Space

Our Timeslot Sign-up Program is now available! 

Quick How To video

Below are the outline of our zones, each have a capacity of one person.

Each timeslot corresponds to a specific zone. You are only allowed to be in the zone that you sign up for. Please leave the last five minutes of your timeslot for cleaning your zone and tools you have used. 

Front Workroom Zones

ZONE 1: Laser Cutter + Workbench

ZONE 2: Workbench #1

ZONE 3: Workbench #2

ZONE 4: Electronics Table + Soldering irons

Woodroom  Zones

ZONE 5: Woodworking tools + Workbench

ZONE 6: Workbench #3

We are opening August 31st, time slots will go live the week before a given date at 6PM!

**You do not need a timeslot for 3D printing. Submit all prints via our 3D printing form. You will receive an email when they are finished. The finished prints bin is in the front of the space, feel free to come by the space (without an appointment needed) once you’ve received the email that your print is completed.

*Note: The professional 3D printers are generally reserved for research projects. Our mentors have the ability to move any print to the general queue as they see fit. If your pro print is not approved you will receive an email. 

No time-slots open? Need help now?

Check out our Virtual Q&A Forum!

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